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**Online sessions Available**

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The Leap

“Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.”

Did you know all HYPNOSIS is SELF HYPNOSIS?   It's very relaxing and safe!  Hypnosis is a very natural state that we all go into multiple times a day.  You are always in control! 

Uncover the power that we all have, by simple meditation and hypnotic guidance.  Hypnosis is not what I do but requires 100% participation for real success.  

Henry Ford

Reaching Out to the Sun

Hypnosis to help with the following:

Creating a Better You

Stop Smoking

Access Your Inner Powers

Will power only goes so far!  Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to Stop Smoking. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to stimulate confidence about your ability to stop and a real awareness as to why you are smoking.  Understanding and accepting that smoking is illogical and harmful to your wellbeing at the subconscious level can make all the difference!  

Woman Holding Cigarette

Lose Weight / Sugar / Addictions

You Have the Power

Through the power of suggestion, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to lose weight or gain control of your sugar (or other) addiction(s). You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back, and be amazed at how powerful the "reprogramming" at the subconscious level, can bring monumental change.  

On the Scales

Manage & Reduce Anxiety & Stress

You Are in Control

Often, the reason we get triggered has nothing to do with the current situation. Uncover the deeper layers that cause us to feel anxious and have less control than we would like.  Use mind body techniques to Improve your mindset and get the results you have been seeking for overall improved results. 

Happy Man

Manage Emotions - Fear, Grief, Anger, Sadness


With hypnosis, you can soften emotions and learn tools to manage anything you struggle with. A hypnotic anchor is given that can be used to find calmness & peace and choose well rather than react to situations that may seem overwhelming.

Motivation & Confidence & Self Esteem


Sidelined by lack of motivation, confidence or low self esteem? Reach your best self and highest potential by shifting attitudes about yourself, feeling more empowered and re-inspired to fulfilling your deepest dreams. 

Mountain Lake Reflection

Want to know more?

Thanks for your interest!  I hope we can connect soon!

See Testimonials below



Joel K

Hi Angie, thank you for checking in, I do feel better… Overall, I'd say the session healed some, if not most of my depression and extinguished my personal limiting beliefs… I look forward to our next visit and will reach out with an update on when that may be. When I get a chance I will also be giving you a 5 star review on google, since that is how I found you.

Margie C

I went to see Angie for help with weight loss.  I had a very helpful experience and to date have lost 25 pounds.  I am able to walk past things in the grocery store that at one time I could not pass up (things like chocolate).  I am very happy with my outcome and have 2 recordings to listen to if I need a little reinforcement.  

Analisha F

You must go!  Angie is incredibly informative, understanding and helpful.  The entire experience made me feel so relaxed and excited.  I went to her for weight loss hypnosis.  I immediately was drawn to healthy foods without even forcing or thinking to not eat bad; it was just natural to look away.  I tried to take a bite of my husbands food and had to spit it out.  I am so excited and cannot wait to see this new lifestyle to being a new me!  Thank you!!!!!!

                                                                                                         Edie B

Angie is a wonderful human being, and an excellent hypnotist.  She is warm and easy to talk with.  My first session was Extremely relaxing, and I stayed conscious the whole time which was not the case in my previous experiences with deep relaxation.  Angie works with a script according to the chosen topic, yet she has a knack for adding a little question or nudge as she sees necessary, always spot on and useful.   In the second session Angie guided me back to the origin of a knot of emotion that has been in my belly as far back as I can remember. She had created a warm and safe atmosphere and I felt fully supported.  Angie helped me explore the falsehoods that created that blockage, and facilitated my releasing the emotions and voicing positive feelings and goals for the future.  Angie has kept in touch with my progress, and her encouragement is fine tuned to me, no generic platitudes!  

Laura M

I approached Angie with issues I was having with sleep. She was very responsive and went out of her way to expediently make a recording for me. In the beginning as I listened to it every night, I often fell asleep in the first 15 minutes. Overall my sleep has improved. Thank you Angie

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